Beauty Therapy Courses
If your fantasy is to work at the beauty business daily, then our Beauty Therapy Lessons might be your very best choice. What exactly are you waiting for? Kick-start your attractiveness profession now!

What is Beauty Therapy?

Cosmetic maintenance is just a wildly popular agency in beauty spas and salons. Our nail maintenance class may offer you an comprehension of physiology and anatomy linked to nail remedies. You may even know about numerous nail maintenance options, care standards tomer support as well as entrepreneurship.

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Course Information

Project Management – short course 

  • Full-Time Classes

  • Online Learning


Course duration:

3 months

Entry requirements:

No Matric

Upon completion of this course, students will be awarded with a Patnet Business Institute Certificate. 

Course Fee

R 7200.00


R 450.00


R 6750.00


R 450.00 X 15 months

Please note that the registration fee shown applies to South African students only. Foreign students are required to pay a non-refundable R2400 deposit instead of a registration fee.

Why Study Beauty Therapy Courses?

Beauty treatment skills could be self-taught and many others could be obtained through formal study. If you would like to work as a beauty therapist, then you'll need formal education. You are going to find out how to look after yourself and your customers understand how to execute a vast array of beauty treatments Boost your earnings -- lots of men and women are ready to pay decent money for successful beauty treatments. The knowledge and expertise gained could improve your credibility in the view of both customers and companies. We provide the next beauty therapy classes.

Learn to Start and deal with your beauty Salons

  • Grow to be a professional cosmetics artist
  • Learn exactly to carry out specialised therapeutic massage methods
  • Find out about manicures, pedicures and nail improvements.
  • Give and Carry out different beauty remedies later hours and then Make Extra cash

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What does a Beauty Therapist do?

Beauty treatment Can Be Split into three parts: Facial Remedy - includes manual or electric treatments in your face also includes classes like Facial Skin Care and Makeup Program. Body therapy - includes manual and electric treatments within your system, also comprises manicures, pedicures and waxing. Courses for example Nail-care and Therapeutic Massage Methods fall to the class. Electrology - calls for removing undesirable hair to your own human body and encounter also analyzing a Hair removal class can educate one with this particular specific position.

Job Career Opportunities in Beauty Therapy Sector

The Beauty therapy sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the health care field, with the demand for qualified individuals exceeding the supply of skilled and certified beauticians. Many individuals are also entering the industry in hopes of finding job career opportunities in the health care field. Because of the demand for qualified beauticians, there are many job positions available across the country for qualified beauticians that are seeking employment. In addition to this, there are many beauty schools offering classes to help individuals get a start in the industry and eventually earn a certification and become a licensed beautician

There are several chances for employment within the beauty market. You simply have to determine what you’d really like to concentrate in. Within this Sector, you can find opportunities for self-employment. Here Are Just Some of the tasks you can get inside the attractiveness area:

Makeup Artist

In this course you will learn more regarding makeup artist programs , and also just how to apply various sorts of makeup properly. You’ll, as an instance, know the best way to pick the most suitable colors, the ways to shape your facial skin utilizing blusher and also bronzer, and also the ways exactly to apply makeup for customers from various age group. You’ll Also learn More about the Way to use Makeup for particular events like parties.

Nail Technician

Study  Nail Care Course:

Here you will learn more about the history of nail care, such as hand and foot, nail disorders, and the structure of the nail. By being a Nail Technician  you must apply own creativity to to do the job at best of your ability. 

Massage Therapist

You will learn on how to ease the strain on your customers rigid joints and muscles. The topic of different oils which can be applied is covered in  Massage Therapist course, and you also  going to learn the ways on how to undertake numerous massage methods, for example foot and hand massage.



Facial Skincare

In this course you will learn about the  various treatments on the facial skin, either with the use of cosmetics, or by employing massaging methods. Facial skin care treatments include these to promote healthy and clear skin, as well as to reduce both psychological and physical stress. All these are performed in order to maintain and protect the facial skin from various factors that could damage it. And you will also learn methods of making sure that the clients gets the best out of his/her treatments.

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