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Planning to enrol for Cashier course for beginners to experts? Study Online or Full Time, This  programme has something for everyone, covering beginner, intermediate and advanced. If you decide to take this course Online Our friendly support team and tutors are available to help.

  • Online Classroom Features :

    1. Premium Video tutorials
    2. Learn at your own pace
    3. A digital textbook (PDF)
    4. Uploading assignments on the LMS system 
    5. Online Tests and Exam

Course duration:

2 Weeks /1 Month
Entry requirements:
No Matric

Upon completion of this course, students will be awarded with a Patnet Business Institute Certificate. 

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The ebooks with supported interactive online video,test, Final exam and more, all supported via our LMS Online. On enrolment we give you a username and password to access your courses for a 6 months subscription.The results of your Final Exam will be available immediately . On successful completion of the course, learners will receive a Certificate of Completion within 48 hours.

Reason why you should choose Online learning!

1. You can lean anywhere from South Africa 
2. You can learn at the comfort of your own home,at anytime.
3. Self-paced learning and establishing of personal goals.
4. Lower fees compared to in-class enrolments

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Cash Price:

R 1150.00

Registration fee:

R 700


R 700.00 

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Cashier course

Frequently asked questions

How does the Online Learning works?
The Online Campus  will be your virtual classroom and
Course content is available on the LMS.

Engaging HD videos for all highly relevant course lessons , module notes, Online Test,  assignment and final Online Exam.

When can I start my Online Studies and are there specific registration periods?

After registration you can access your courses anytime, study at your own pace wherever you are. Register anytime and start anytime throughout the year.

Does Patnet Business Institute offer face-to-face or Part-Time classes?
Yes the college does offer these courses Full -time & Part -time base. 
I don’t have a Matric, can I still study?
Yes you can enrol this course without matric and we offer several study paths that don’t require a matric.
Do I need to to buy any textbook or study material for this course?
No you don’t need to buy the textbook for this course. A digital textbook (PDF) is provided to you for free.

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Who must study the Cashier course ?

Cashier Course is for you if you are looking for a  job in retail store and other different shop outlet, Cashier jobs do not require a degree in order to be qualified, but they do require a lot of training in order to perform the duties that need to be performed. For some of these jobs, it is even necessary to have additional training in order to be an effective cashier.

Cashier course students will not do well in the workplace if they do not have good money management skills. They also need to learn how to deal with angry and frustrated customers. This means that not only will you need to know how to count the money, but you will also need to learn how to make sure that customers are not trying to rip them off. This requires a great deal of patience, and a lot of good customer service skills. In the end, you will be rewarded with lots of new skills that you can use for other jobs. If you have been struggling to get a job, then maybe taking cashier Courses is the way to go.

What exactly would you learn under this cashier course?

A number of the abilities taught from the class include things like:
• Projecting a favorable private picture
• Improving expert job integrity.
• Purchaser maintenance
• Essential Functioning systems
• Operate channel upkeep
• Stability
 The retail tasks concentrated Inside This class might comprise:
• Cashier
• Retail Store helper
• Counter helper
• Common Retail Store employee.
• it’s likewise appropriate for a person who’d really like to enhance their overall customer services.

What to do after finishing your cashier course?

After finishing this Class, You Need to Be Able to:
• Comprehend that the Retail Surroundings.
• Find out concerning Different sections at a Shop.
• comprehend basic social skills when working together with clients.
• comprehend just how exactly to work with a pro own picture.
• Illustrate that which a expert job channel should seem.
• comprehend that the security and operating procedures from the retail atmosphere.
• Understand the way exactly to cope with hard problems on the job.

What is this course about?

This cashier course is intended to instruct the fundamental principles to be a true cashier and general retail helper. The class will take learners through the basics maxims and skills essential to be successful in a retail environment.
A few of the skills taught from the course include things like:
• Projecting a positive individual image
• Promoting professional labour integrity.
• Buyer care
• Essential operating systems
• Operate channel upkeep
• Safety

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