Occupational Health and Safety Courses
Occupational health and safety Courses (OHS) equip you with the various tools and expertise to apply and make sure security and health precautions are in place inside a functional atmosphere.

Are you currently  eager to get the relevant skills required for a Job career as a safety officer? Have a look at our Occupational Health and Safety Courses. Research the huge benefits, skills and entry conditions available for your requirements with us.

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Why Study (OHS) Occupational Health and Safety ?

Occupational health and safety courses are becoming the norm in workplaces across the globe. As the need for higher-skilled, higher-value workers grows, employers are increasingly focusing on occupational health and safety training as a means of ensuring safe workplace environments and protecting their staff from the risks associated with working under adverse conditions. With more people than ever before turning to non-traditional sources of employment such as the internet, the demand for quality occupational health and safety training is also increasing. But with this increased competition comes a need to train employees in new skills so that they can stand apart from the rest.

The Role of OHS Consultants

They attempt to reduce the chance of damage and illness on the job. The role of a health and safety Officer is to give advice on planning, implementing, tracking and reviewing protective and preventative wellness, security and wellbeing actions.

Planning to enrol for Health and Safety course for beginners to experts? Study Online or Full Time, This  programme has something for everyone, covering beginner, intermediate and advanced. If you decide to take this course Online Our friendly support team and tutors are available to help.

  • Online Classroom Features :

    1. Premium Video tutorials
    2. Learn at your own pace
    3. A digital textbook (PDF)
    4. Uploading assignments on the LMS system 
    5. Online Tests and Exam

Course duration:

2 months
Entry requirements:
No Matric

Upon completion of this course, students will be awarded with a Patnet Business Institute Certificate. 

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The ebooks with supported interactive online video,test, Final exam and more, all supported via our LMS Online. On enrolment we give you a username and password to access your courses for a 6 months subscription.The results of your Final Exam will be available immediately . On successful completion of the course, learners will receive a Certificate of Completion within 48 hours.

Reason why you should choose Online learning!

1. You can lean anywhere from South Africa 
2. You can learn at the comfort of your own home,at anytime.
3. Self-paced learning and establishing of personal goals.
4. Lower fees compared to in-class enrolments

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Cash Price:

R 3200.00

Registration fee:

R 500.00

Monthly Instalments:

R 990.00 X 3 months

No Matric needed

You don't need to get a matric certificate or the equivalent to enroll for our OHS courses. That means you won't have to worry about available opportunities and don't let them pass you by. With our classes you will get a quality Online and Full-Time study support.

Occupational Health and Safety Courses In South Africa

Occupational Health and Safety Courses in South Africa are all about being aware of the different health risks involved in your occupation. The main goal of these courses is to teach you the basics in safety procedures and also to equip you with the knowledge to work safely within your particular industry. This can be very beneficial if you happen to be working for a company that has a low level of safety measures, or that is not fully equipped when it comes to its workplace hazards.

University degree or Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety

If you want to sign up for a course in South Africa, it would be best to research about various universities that offer occupational health and safety courses. Make sure that the university is a recognized institution, and that you find a course that suits your schedule. It would also be a good idea to look into the programs offered by each university to see which kind of courses they offer and how many hours of classes they offer each week. Find out the requirements for students, such as specific study hours, requirements for passing courses, etc. Once you have made the choice of which university to enroll in, check their curriculum online to see what kind of Occupational Health and Safety Courses they offer. This will give you the chance to familiarize yourself with the curriculum and the different types of courses available, which could greatly benefit you in the future.

Start a Career as a Health and Safety Officer

There are many job opportunities available in the field of health and safety. The key is to ensure  you enroll for the course that is relevant to your  Job career expectations. The best way to find out is by speaking to current employees and researching the demand for health and safety jobs after covid 19 pandemic, 

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