Microsoft Office Specialist Courses

Elevate your Livelihood with These Microsoft Office Specialist Courses with Patnet Business Institute.
Conquer your expertise and gain confidence in your capacity to get the job done with computers. Our Microsoft Office Specialist Courses can take you from the beginner to a specialist within only a month or two. If you should be seeking to improve your job and acquire superior chances then these courses are for you.
Computer literacy is just one of the main skills any practitioner could have. When you’ve got basic computer knowledge and would like to progress to advanced level, you are in the perfect location. Microsoft Office Specialist Courses will just channel you in a right direction.

Microsoft Office Specialist Courses

Planning to enrol for Microsoft Microsoft Office Specialist Courses course for beginners to experts? Study Online or Full Time, This  programme has something for everyone, covering beginner, and intermediate . If you decide to take this course Online Our friendly support team and tutors are available to help.

  • Online Classroom Features :

    1. Premium Video tutorials
    2. Learn at your own pace
    3. A digital textbook (PDF)
    4. Uploading assignments on the LMS system 
    5. Online Tests and Exam

Course duration:

8 Months
Entry requirements:
No Matric

Upon completion of this course, students will be awarded with a Patnet Business Institute Certificate. 

Register Online !!

The ebooks with supported interactive online video,test, Final exam and more, all supported via our LMS Online. On enrolment we give you a username and password to access your courses for a 6 months subscription.The results of your Final Exam will be available immediately . On successful completion of the course, learners will receive a Certificate of Completion within 48 hours.

Reason why you should choose Online learning!

1. You can lean anywhere from South Africa 
2. You can learn at the comfort of your own home,at anytime.
3. Self-paced learning and establishing of personal goals.
4. Lower fees compared to in-class enrolments

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  • Microsoft word

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Microsoft Powerpoint

  • Microsoft outlook

  • Microsoft Access 
Cash Price:

R 1650.00

Registration fee:

R 450.00

Monthly Instalments:

R 925.00 X 2 months


Full -Time Studies

Part -Time Studies

Online Learning

microsoft office specialist

Frequently asked questions

How does the Online Learning works?
The Online Campus  will be your virtual classroom and
Course content is available on the LMS.

Engaging HD videos for all highly relevant course lessons , module notes, Online Test,  assignment and final Online Exam.

When can I start my Online Studies and are there specific registration periods?

After registration you can access your courses anytime, study at your own pace wherever you are. Register anytime and start anytime throughout the year.

Does Patnet Business Institute offer face-to-face or Part-Time classes?
Yes the college does offer these courses Full -time & Part -time base. 
I don’t have a Matric, can I still study?
Yes you can enrol this course without matric and we offer several study paths that don’t require a matric.
Do I need to to buy any textbook or study material for this course?
No you don’t need to buy the textbook for this course. A digital textbook (PDF) is provided to you for free.

Who should study these Microsoft Office  specialist Course ?

This Microsoft Office training is appropriate to everybody who would like to increase their own abilities along with graspering  Microsoft office skills in workplace.At Patnet Business Institute you are able to select which Microsoft Office classes to choose based on your ability and interests. 

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Microsoft word

Microsoft is one of the most widely-used word processors on the market and that popularity is evident in the many career opportunities available in Microsoft jobs

Job career in Microsoft Word

 You learn how to become an expert Microsoft Word user. You learn how to change your document’s settings, how to create an outline or a table of contents, how to insert graphics, fonts, and styles, and how to change the formatting of the font and graphics in a document. You also learn how to create your own templates for documents, use the Quick Insert function, edit Microsoft Word files and documents, insert graphics and fonts, and create links between documents and files.  This is a great career that has plenty of benefits for people who love to use computers.

Microsoft excel specialist

If you are looking for a job as a Microsoft Excel specialist then you should definitely consider enrolling for a Microsoft Excel course. This course is designed by Microsoft, in order to help people get the required skills in order to excel professionally and easily. A career in this field involves using the Microsoft excel application, which is a Microsoft Office program. It enables you to manage information and works in conjunction with other Microsoft applications such as Access and PowerPoint.

Microsoft Outlook :

Microsoft Outlook is probably the most commonly used email client in today’s business world. First released by Microsoft on the Internet in 1996, this program has always been kept updated and developed
throughout its entire life span.

The first thing you need to know when looking for a job in Microsoft outlook is that there are several types of specialists you can choose from. There are those who specialize in just one type of specialization, such as Microsoft outlook marketing, for example. You may even find a specialist who works in more than one area, like Microsoft outlook sales. If you are interested in this kind of job, then you will want to know about all the different fields you can choose from

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